(S.W.A.T. S.- Servants Working At Taking care of sheep)

This is an elite group chosen by the congregation. (Acts 6) This ministry is dedicated to being servants and extending the love of Christ to the members of our church fellowship. The S.W.A.T.S. Ministry is responsible for making regular contact with assigned members in certain areas to make sure the church is meeting the needs of the fellowship. The husband and wife will be assigned an area code to provide coverage to. This ministry is to provide sup-port to members in seasons of bereavement, crisis and sickness. (See Acts 6:1-4; II Timothy 3 )

This Ministry is lead by Pastor FREE

Email: dfree@getyoLIFE.org
Phone: 512-251-4673
Website: www.getyoLIFE.org
Address: 2113 W. Wells Branch Pkwy Ste 4000
Austin, TX 78728
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